REVEALED: Australia’s Sexiest Bank HQ’s

We’ve been bombarded recently with tales of multi-billion dollar profits out of our biggest banks, but it’s not all one sided – these banks have big expenses too; like some of the most impressive office space in Australia! Lets have a look at some of the pre & post GFC extravagance your 6.45% standard variable rates support.


ANZ has recently moved into a brand new space in Docklands, Melbourne.

Representing Australia’s largest single tenant office building, it’s size is… imposing. It houses over 6000 employees, allowing the bank to consolidate multiple sites across the Melbourne CBD into a single location. At 750 million spent, no expense has been spared inside or out.


Just across the road from ANZ is the NAB mothership.

Opened in 2004, the complex features two interconnected low-rise, highly transparent buildings set amongst sunlight filled Atriums. There are no offices in the building, everyone from grad call centre workers through to the CEO work in open plan pods.

Recently NAB have invested significantly in the refurbishment of the lower level of the building, transforming it into a world class training and learning facility known as The Academy. This space contains everything from reconfigurable whiteboard laden meeting rooms through to a Dr Strangelove style war room for crisis meetings (think RBA rate increases).


Westpac Place represents a fitout of 74,000 sqm of Westpac’s office floors.

Upon completion, it was the second largest single commercial office building in the Sydney CBD. Occupying a whole block.

The red bars at the top of the building are actually an active barometer providing real time weather information to the city.


The pre-GFC M&A money at Macquarie Bank has not dried up entirely by the look of their new Sydney HQ at One Shelley Street, King Wharf.

This incredible harbor side complex comprises of a seven and eleven storey building linked via an atrium, and is one of only a handful of Australian building to achieve a Six Star Green Star Certification Rating, establishing new benchmarks in environmental sustainability and workplace functionality.

2 Responses to “REVEALED: Australia’s Sexiest Bank HQ’s”
  1. at work says:

    Makes you want to change jobs just so you can work in one of these offices. Although when I finally get important enough I would want a private office.
    The Docklands ANZ building is a behemoth, You’d need to leave 15 mins early just to get to a meeting on the otherside

  2. Mel says:

    Yikes…I always miss working for a corporate when I see these buildings! I did wonder if the NAB building was as colourful on the inside as it is on the outside.

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